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    A World of Cider

    Eastern Craft, Singapore's craft beer specialist, also imports and distributes craft ciders from around the world.


    Our line up includes ciders from the UK and Sweden with tastes to suit every palate, all of which are available for wholesale distribution or home delivery.

  • Our Ciders

    Craft ciders from the UK and Sweden, with more to come!

    Hawkes Cider

    Hawkes Cider

    London, UK

    Inspired by London’s original street hawkers, Hawkes’ mission is right here in the present and the future. The world of cider stands at a crossroads. For too long ‘big’ cider and tradition has been allowed to hold back the cider industry’s growth. That ends here. Hawkes are standing up for those who want to break free and make a difference.

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    Älska Cider

    The Swedish Cider Company AB, Stockholm, Sweden

    älska is all about pure love and top quality. älska is the Swedish word for love and we truly believe in spreading natural cider and pure love all over the world.


    When we started working on our recipes we knew that we wanted to create the best fruit cider in the world. Luckily, what we found to be the perfect flavours also turned out to be natural, vegan, and gluten free. We don't add anything unnecessary, it’s just the good stuff.


    Available in Strawberry & Lime, Nordic Berries, and Lemon & Ginger.


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